Monday, March 31, 2008


The beginning of another stress filled week. I was having nightmares this morning just before my alarm rang. To be honest I was pretty miserable last night. Nothing happened, I had a perfectly fine weekend - I spent some serious moola on myself. There is nothing like buying clothes and shoes that make one look ultra chic and sassy. Ok - i am talking too much here - I cant help if I love shopping for clothes sooo much.

Back to the topic - I think my subconscious was trying to tell me something. I am still not sure if I am happy doing what I am doing. It's a steep learning curve and with little guidance I end up feeling very frustrated and annoyed. I guess my boss feels that I know everything, but I cant know everything - these things are rather foreign to me. I am not sure.

I really need to get cracking with regards to the wedding plans. I need to sort out the venue and the caterer asap. It's December and the party season and finding a venue is not going to be easy if I leave it to the last minute. I have been to quite a few venues in my area but none of them are big enough and some were quite tacky. There are 2 more that I am considering - will have to go and have a look and decide quickly. I also need to decide if its going to be a day or night wedding. I am leaning towards a day wedding - not sure about what T wants. I have to consider him to. I was so miserable to him last night. I was tired and as I said my subconscious was making me all miserable without me even knowing it.

I sometimes think that I must be the most clueless chick out there. There are some girls who know exactly what they want down to the minutest detail. Me on the other hand am relatively clueless. I am going to this bridal expo thingy happening this weekend - hope that sorts out the befuzzled mindset that i'm in.

Have a great week people - i have 2 interviews that am prepping for. Hey a girl's gotta keep her options open. And besides I could do with some serious extra moola.


sweets said...

you do need extra moola for all that shopping!

don't worry i couldn't nail all the detail about my wedding either, i only wanted two things perfect, my dress, and it was! and then I wanted a donut pyramid... sounds strange i know... really high, and the caterer did this stupid little pyramid that had NO effect, that's all i REALLY wanted!! and they didn't listen, i was fuming when i saw it!! hehe

you REALLY have to start cracking, December is prolly booked already!!

angel said...

aaah, shopping! what bliss!!!
and best of luck with the planning- gimme a scream if i can help at all!

Blue Sunflower said...

Sweets - Lol. At least I dont feel to bad about being clueless....

Angel - I had a squizz on your wedding site. I got some great insight... And I will give you a shout - this planning can be a bit overwhelming at times....