Thursday, March 20, 2008

Candid Scribblings

Last night was my younger brother's Matric banquet. He looked so dashing in his dark grey suit. Looking at him I found it hard to believe that this is my baby brother. He looked so grown up. T got him this really uber cool Alfa Romeo car and him and his date looked absolutely gorgeous. We continued behind them to the venue. It was stunning. They arrived Hollywood style all getting out of their fancy cars, walking down the red carpet in their fancy stunning clothes, with people standing all around screaming and cheering. It did feel very Hollywood.

I really wonder sometimes about some people. I ended up having this huge fight with someone yesterday as we were standing on the sides watching the matrics making their entrance. The place was packed and there were people standing all around these belt like booms. I managed to find a teeeny tiny little place and stood there. About 2 minutes later this lady takes me by the elbow and pulls me and than pushes me telling me that this was her daughters place and I need to get out cos I took her place. As If? The spot was empty HELLO. I got really pissed off. She didn't have to pull me. I told her exactly where to get off. Funny how she felt like she had every right to be there and I didn't. I really am not one to make scenes, but this woman's behaviour really got to me. I wouldn't have said anything by the manner in which is pulled my arm was enough to drive me over the edge. I ended up telling her exactly what I thought of her.

When I think about it now, its almost laughable. My poor mother was absolutely horrified. She so does not like to draw attention to herself and has that British stiff upper lip down pat. I was in stitches last night as I thought about it, but at that time I really didn't find it funny. Some people really don't know how to act in public.

We ended up having supper at Emperors Palace and than came home to a cold house with no lights. The load shedding is really becomming tiresome. It only came back on at around 21:30. I ended up missing Greys Anatomy on Monday. I hope the load shedding behaves tonight cos its Desperate Housewives. Cant really miss out on my weekly fix of devious antics.

The new job is somewhat of a minefield. I feel very lost and disconnected. I know that it is probably normal. I come from a department where I was the expert on practically everything. I just feel kinda lost. My boss seems nice, however we haven't sat down and discussed my duties, her expectations etc. I found that rather weird. She also seems a little out of it - like all over the place. It's strange. I guess the learning curve is a pretty steep one. I just hope I adapt soon enough and manage to get on with it. I feel like a dimwit asking so many questions, but I guess I have to.

Today is the start of a fantastic long weekend. I don't have any specific plans, all I want to do is chill and relax. Really looking forward to that.

You all have yourselves a great Easter. Be safe and take care!


Expensive Mistakes and Cheap Thrills said...

There's a new channel on dstv - called Mnet Xtra - channel 103. on saturdays and sundays they replay all the weeks' shows that ppl might have missed due to loadshedding!!

Blue Sunflower said...

oh wow - great. I didnt know that. Thanks for the tip. Will definitely have a look....

angel said...

what a rude cow!!! sheesh, the nerve of some people!!