Friday, December 02, 2011

Fashion Frenzy

Everywhere around our building here at work, there are paper advertisements stuck on the walls highlighting some or other sample sale.  Working for a fashion house should have it's benefits right.  The queues begin snaking early and it's almost like a fish market of sorts as the noise levels escalate.  The one sale scheduled to start at 9:00, had people queuing from 7:00.  All in the name of branded housewares I guess.  Sadly I have hardly attended any sales.  This place lately in terms of work has been so crazed.

There are just too many projects on the go and instead of winding down, its full steam ahead.  However the one I did attend left me standing there mouth agape.  Firstly if you advertise a sale for ladies branded wear, you gotta know that it's overseas stuff like Top Shop, Zara, Next etc etc etc and since it's samples there will only be one of a kind.  The buzz around the rooms (which aren't very big) was loud enough to be heard at the entrance of our building and like a frenzy of souls trying to feed off a carcass, there are bound to be a few fights as they battle out the queues.  All in the name of fashion...

This is so not my scene.  I do not do frenzied, hair-pulling, tug-of-war type shopping.  I took one look at that queue and I left.  However later after the initial buzz had sort of calmed down, I decided to go in and take a peek.  People were walking out with clothes by the armload at ridiculous prices.  As I rummaged through the jumbles piled everywhere, there were items that were really nice.  And than the disappointment - most items had huge gaping holes in them.  Some at the back, some in front.  How, why?

People still bought, they claimed they could hem some areas where the cuts were, wear it over a vest top, find some use for their precious find.  I shook my head, never ever was I going to buy stuff with pieces of fabric cut out of it.  Zara or not - that's just not on.  I walked out of there so fast with a few others loudly voicing their complaints and disgust.

I later found out that the reason why they cut out squares in each sample that they bring back from overseas is for customs at passport control.  Makes sense but than they shouldn't be selling these items.

P.s - I did get a whole range of scrapbooking stuff from the stationery sale for all of 30 bucks.  All new, intact, in the covers stuff.  Now that was a bargain.  I am not a scrapbooker (love the concept, don't have the time).  I used it to decorate a tablescape for a function that we hosted a few weeks back.  Will remember to upload pics next time.....