Sunday, December 07, 2008


In exactly a week's time, I will be Mrs T. A part of me is really excited, while a really huge part of me is actually quite sad. My life is going to change and while I am up for it, I feel as though I am leaving a part of my life behind. I know that I am really going to miss my family. My mum and I are best friends and ever since my dad left, she and I have gotten very close. I know she is going to miss me and I really hope that the new year is going to be a better one for her. I really only want the best for her and really want her to be happy. She has sacrificed a great deal for us and all I want is for her to find her happiness. As for my brothers, I just know that not living with them is going to create a real void. M is the really weird one. He is the life and soul of any party, but let him get near a couch - than the world ceases to exist and he just plonks into it and falls asleep. He is such fun and really makes us laugh. He has really got us through some really tough times with his laughter and silly antics. Than there is A - the real moody, playful type. He can be all happy and jovial the one minute and totally sullen and moody, the next. What about my little dog Pixie, who I am leaving behind.

Yes I am not going far away and in my heart of hearts, this will always be home - but as of next week Sunday I will have a new address and a new family. Really big adjustments and changes and to be honest I am not really big on change. However I love T and I can't wait to begin my life with him.

My weekend was pretty busy. Yesterday I went for my final final dress fitting. It is looking really pretty and the designer totally surprised me when she casually mentions as we were leaving that she would like to come and dress me on the day. I was so overcome with emotion and nearly burst into tears. I decided to go for another trial for my make-up, as I wasn't too happy with the first trial. I went to the Mac counter at Edgars and they agreed to fit me in today for a trial. R140-00 bucks later I walked out of there looking totally different, but so totally me. Where the other lady was old and did a whole look where I looked like a walking ad for Plascon, this looked totally and utterly natural. I am impressed, so next week Sunday I will be making my way towards the mall after I get my hair done.

We collected the flowergirl dresses today and I must say they came out really gorgeous. I love the way they look and cant wait for them to wear it on the day. We had guests over this afternoon, but after a while all I wanted to do was sit by myself and have some me time. My cousin F was here and I insisted that we go to Wimpy for supper. I just felt that this will be the last time it will just be us as usual because next time T will be with and it will obviously be different or there might not be a next time for while. I love being with the girls and even though they tire us out most of the time - I still enjoy them.

I have a whammy of a week and I just no that it going to whizz by. We having a henna night on Friday night and I really wanted to get some belly dancers here to provide some entertainment for the ladies. It doesn't look like it's going to pan out so music and some kick ass decor will have to do. We are expecting a number of people on Friday and Saturday night and obviously Sunday is the big day.

Nerves, Nerves and more Nerves and not to mention raw emotion when I think of the goodbyes next week Sunday....

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Guardian Angel

There is a little old lady who one of mum's loyal customers. She is a dear old Portuguese woman, who every time she comes into town, will visit my mum and bring her little goodies. She really is the sweetest old lady by far.

The relationship that she shares with my mum is somewhat a strange one. See she can't speak much English and my mum cant speak a word of Portuguese, yet every time she visits they somehow seem to have a conversation that only they can understand. When my parents were getting divorced, she would pop into the shop every week and tell my mum that she lit a candle for her and us at Church. She doesn't know us by name so she refers to us by - the Girl, the Big Boy and the Small Boy - all said with a very strong portuguese accent. Every time she visits she will bring goodies for each one of us. She gives my mum Rosaries to pray on and she must mention that she lights candles for us every time she goes to Mass.

Even though we are not Catholic, my mum always tells us that you don't know with whose prayers you carry on and succeed. This little old Lady Maria is like our guardian angel who even if she has nothing to buy from the shop, will stop by to bring little sweets, cakes and goodies for my brothers and I.

One Christmas Eve we went to visit her. My mum always buys Christmas Gifts for her loyal customers so we stopped at her house on our way home. She was ecstatic. She insisted that we sit down, poured these tall glasses of coldrink and started bustling away in the kitchen. My little brother and I downed our cokes and when she saw that we had finised it, she proceed to fill the glasses again. She gave us each a huge box of chocolates and sweets and a huge cake and some other little goodies.

It was only natural that we want Maria and her husband present at my wedding. The day mum went to invite her, she was so happy. Yesterday she stopped by at the shop and she had 3 little envelopes. She told my mum that in each envelope was money and she must pass the envelope to the Girl that is getting married and my little brother. The other envelope was for my mum. In the envelopes - R500.00 for me, R200.00 for my mum and R100.00 for my little brother. She really didn't have to, but she keeps saying how can a single mother carry such a burden and she must help her.

She truly is a little guardian angel and I am so glad to have someone like that in my life. She is a gem of a lady and may she always be blessed for she is truly a special lady with a heart of gold....

Tuesday, December 02, 2008


As the days slowly creep towards Dec 14th, I can't help but think that this is the last time I will be doing this, that or the other. It feels like I want to savour every moment, particularly those moments that we share as a family. We are a foursome of note and as of Dec 14th, there will be an extra addition to our family. I hope that the fivesome will be just as close and tight as the foursome and I hope that this is a new chapter that will be just as exciting and special.

On Saturday night my mum and I treated ourselves to a Spa treatment at the beautiful Mangwanani. It was a moonlight spa experience and the whole ambience and atmosphere, not to mention the lovely treatments was just what we needed. It was so special as I got to spend some quality time with my mum and we did nothing but chill and enjoy the treatments.

On Sunday we met with the designer who is making the flower girl dresses as well as my mum's dress. They seem to be coming out ok. Just need to check on a few minor details. I am so peeved off at my aunt. She didn't have an outfit to wear, so she also decided to buy fabric and have something made. She met us at the designer as well and when she took her fabric out of the bag, my mum nearly had a heart attack. My aunt bought white fabric that is fully beaded and she wants to have a fully beaded dress made. Silly, blonde me doesn't ever think, until the designer asked me what colour my dress is. When I told her it is white, she said how can your aunt wear white as well. Being quite the outspoken busybody that she is, she very candidly told my aunt to change the lining colour to a more darker colour as a plain white dress is going to make her look very big - and she is quite round and big.

I was quite irritated after that. She thinks the fabric is off white and appears to be none the wiser. But Hello - this is someone who is pretty out there and with it. Surely she knows that you don't wear white to a wedding. I don't understand family - all they want to do is upstage and do stuff that we do. It is really beginning to get to me. What annoys me to no end is that my mum and I will do stuff for ourselves. If we find something pretty, we will buy it and make it work for us. When the rest of the bunch sees this, than they must do the same. It is so childish. I always feel as though they are competing with us.

Yesterday I was pleasantly surprised when my colleagues threw a little bridal shower for me here at work. I was so surprised and shocked. It really was exciting and I received some really pretty presents. I have enough lingerie to last me a loooonnnggg time :) It was really sweet of them and I couldn't help but feel a tad emotional.

We thinking of having a henna night on the Friday before the wedding. I think it will be fun and exciting. It's usually tradition to have a henna night, with some singing, dancing and all round camaraderie. We called a friend of my brother A's last night as she does belly dancing and I asked her if she would come through to do some belly dancing. She wanted to confirm with some friends first and said she would let me know by Thursday. I hope she agrees. I think it will be such fun.

Everything seems to be coming together. I still find myself stressing about little minor things - but I am hoping that it all comes together in the end. T has been stressing major these past few days. He is trying to complete our home, so he in stress mode big time. He keeps saying, I have so much to do, I have so much to do. Yesterday I sat him down and asked him all the things he still has to do. After we went through the list and I asked him by when he is going to finish it, he seemed much calmer. Talk about men totally spacing out due to stress.

I can't believe that the time is drawing so close. I can still remember when we got engaged and set the date for our wedding. Dec seemed so far away and now it is finally here.

I am feeling quite calm - although the hollow feeling in my tummy seems to be growing every day....