Tuesday, December 02, 2008


As the days slowly creep towards Dec 14th, I can't help but think that this is the last time I will be doing this, that or the other. It feels like I want to savour every moment, particularly those moments that we share as a family. We are a foursome of note and as of Dec 14th, there will be an extra addition to our family. I hope that the fivesome will be just as close and tight as the foursome and I hope that this is a new chapter that will be just as exciting and special.

On Saturday night my mum and I treated ourselves to a Spa treatment at the beautiful Mangwanani. It was a moonlight spa experience and the whole ambience and atmosphere, not to mention the lovely treatments was just what we needed. It was so special as I got to spend some quality time with my mum and we did nothing but chill and enjoy the treatments.

On Sunday we met with the designer who is making the flower girl dresses as well as my mum's dress. They seem to be coming out ok. Just need to check on a few minor details. I am so peeved off at my aunt. She didn't have an outfit to wear, so she also decided to buy fabric and have something made. She met us at the designer as well and when she took her fabric out of the bag, my mum nearly had a heart attack. My aunt bought white fabric that is fully beaded and she wants to have a fully beaded dress made. Silly, blonde me doesn't ever think, until the designer asked me what colour my dress is. When I told her it is white, she said how can your aunt wear white as well. Being quite the outspoken busybody that she is, she very candidly told my aunt to change the lining colour to a more darker colour as a plain white dress is going to make her look very big - and she is quite round and big.

I was quite irritated after that. She thinks the fabric is off white and appears to be none the wiser. But Hello - this is someone who is pretty out there and with it. Surely she knows that you don't wear white to a wedding. I don't understand family - all they want to do is upstage and do stuff that we do. It is really beginning to get to me. What annoys me to no end is that my mum and I will do stuff for ourselves. If we find something pretty, we will buy it and make it work for us. When the rest of the bunch sees this, than they must do the same. It is so childish. I always feel as though they are competing with us.

Yesterday I was pleasantly surprised when my colleagues threw a little bridal shower for me here at work. I was so surprised and shocked. It really was exciting and I received some really pretty presents. I have enough lingerie to last me a loooonnnggg time :) It was really sweet of them and I couldn't help but feel a tad emotional.

We thinking of having a henna night on the Friday before the wedding. I think it will be fun and exciting. It's usually tradition to have a henna night, with some singing, dancing and all round camaraderie. We called a friend of my brother A's last night as she does belly dancing and I asked her if she would come through to do some belly dancing. She wanted to confirm with some friends first and said she would let me know by Thursday. I hope she agrees. I think it will be such fun.

Everything seems to be coming together. I still find myself stressing about little minor things - but I am hoping that it all comes together in the end. T has been stressing major these past few days. He is trying to complete our home, so he in stress mode big time. He keeps saying, I have so much to do, I have so much to do. Yesterday I sat him down and asked him all the things he still has to do. After we went through the list and I asked him by when he is going to finish it, he seemed much calmer. Talk about men totally spacing out due to stress.

I can't believe that the time is drawing so close. I can still remember when we got engaged and set the date for our wedding. Dec seemed so far away and now it is finally here.

I am feeling quite calm - although the hollow feeling in my tummy seems to be growing every day....


Kitty Cat said...

The nerves start kicking in...but it'll be fine. Sorry about the aunt and her "off white".

TheCullinaryQueen said...

Gosh your Aunt reminds me of my best-friends' Mum---she wore white for her daughters' wedding! I was in shock!

Yup I know how you feel...in our family we are also 4 so b4 my sister got married we all tried to spend as much time with her as possible.

All the best for you last two weeks b4 d-day!

Blue Sunflower said...

KC and CQ - I am trying to remain calm.... Thanks - some people are just clueless or want to prove a point... strange people I tell you.

Thanks again...

Azra said...

Well I know its easier said then done, but I believe you should just throw caution to the wind and have a good time. Like you said, this is the last time you will get to do the things you're doing right now...don't worry too much because regardless of all the stress, the day will still go off the way its meant to...and those minor details will seem so trivial in the grander scheme of things...Good Luck though :D

angel said...

oh my word... i can't get over the stunts people can pull- a white beaded outfit when its not your own wedding!!?!?
oy... strongs girl- its almost over!

seher's shenanigans said...

all the very very very very best!!!