Thursday, April 30, 2009

Weekend Post

Another fantastic long weekend is upon us and I am leaving for Durban in a few hours time. Why do I feel as though the world is against me than. I am feeling highly strung and not really looking forward to this weekend at all.

T and I planned to go to Durban this weekend and than suddenly all our plans were hijacked by the in-laws and now we are all going together. I am really really not looking forward to it anymore and although I am just doing the motions I am really kinda dreading it. Who wants to spend an entire weekend with the fighting and bickering trio. They annoy me and I don't even live with them and now I will have to be around them 24/7 for the next 3 days. The entire week I have been hoping that I come down with something, anything in order for us not to go but luck hasn't been on my side.

I am seriously stressed out about work as I work in a department where I seriously thought that I was making some headway. But it seems all they want to do is gun me and complain about every little thing I do. So much for believing in humanity again after last week Friday. All hopes were very kindly shattered after yesterday. I firmly believe that it gives them immense pleasure to complain about lack of service delivery. For once I had my proof and they couldn't fault me on anything. I am just tired of dodging bullets everyday. I really thought of calling in sick today as T wants to leave by 12pm, however just the thought of the entire department collapsing and me having sleepless nights wondering what will await me on Monday morning made me haul my myself into work today. I am planning on feighning an illness to leave early. It is hard being so sinister :)

My insurance is also really stuffing me around and after a good few months this is becomming really irritating and there is just too much confusion going about that is driving me nuts.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Monday, April 20, 2009

Runaway Weekend

The weekend was filled with a great amount of drama and intrigue. I am just glad that it is over but to be quite honest, it's left me feeling a little unhinged.

At 2:30am on Friday morning T and I were at the airport ready to wait for his parents arrival. At least they didn't take too long coming out and by 2:50 we were on our way home. The dad was too excited and insisted that he open up the bags to show T and I what he had bought for us. So we only ended up going back to bed at 4am. We couldn't sleep as now we were too wide awake and only ended up falling asleep after 5am. I still had to come in to work and leave food for them at home. I really struggled to keep up on Friday and by 15:30 I was ready to go home. At least my boss was nice enough to let me go. All I wanted was my bed and that wasn't gonna happen until much later that night. I got home and started preparing for supper. There were enough people for supper as expected. It was busy and chaotic at its best.

Saturday I left at about 10:30 and spent the whole day with my mum. What a blissful day. I spent a fortune on home stuff but buying stuff for my home makes me really happy. Came home on Saturday, only to find enough drama to constitute a B-grade movie. T's 17 year old cousin decided to run away with his girlfriend and were missing since Monday night. His family finally managed to track them down and now they were insisting to get married. Who better to call and who better to enjoy being the centre of all this drama than the dad himself. He called them home, had deep discussions with the two and than called her parents. Just looking at the pain on her mum's face made me want to clobber her. They are both 17 years old, have just finished school and don't earn a dime between the 2 off them. The cousin's sister is totally for this marriage just because she also married at 18. What a laugh.

These 2 runaway's than stayed with us as everyone thought that her parents would agree to them getting married. Well the whole day passed yesterday and nothing. By 6pm we were all ready to explode. Here were these 2 with no clothes waiting to here their fate. The more we tried to discourage them the more adament they were to getting married. Eventually her parents refused to budge and we told her that it's best that she go home. Besides she is only 17 which makes her underage.

Pheewww such drama can only be present with T's dad at the reins. The mum and sister were totally pissed off - which to be quite honest is justified but they did take things a little too far yesterday. I was quite annoyed at their antics.

As for me - well all I did was wander between my house and next door and by yesterday evening I was quite miserable through no fault of anyone. I just get cabin fever when I have to stay at home all day.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Week in a blur

I am having a really, really hectic week. The consultant that works under me is on leave for the next 2 weeks so I am running around like a crazed madcap trying to sort out the dramas that unhinge us every single day. It is unbelievably crazy.

The outlaws are back tomorrow after a 3 week holiday / spiritual retreat. Its more of a holiday in my opinion. Anyway they are due back tomorrow but are driving the band slightly batty with their constant nagging whether they are on tomorrow's flight or not. I called for reinforcements and asked my mum to help me cos it would be expected of me to cook lunch and supper. I don't really mind, however for supper we not sure who would be coming cos knowing the dad - he will probably call up all his cronies as soon as her touches home soil. Thanks to my mum - she did all the prep work and I just need to finish it off tomorrow. What would I do without you MUM????

To be quite honest I'm not really looking forward to their return. I know, I know they are T's parents but still. The past few weeks have been blissfully quite - except for the cousin who we had to babysit all the time. We did our own thing, lounged around, went out, chilled etc etc etc. And there were no sounds of screaming coming from next door.

Anyhoo - this is the beginning of really long and uneventful weekend for me....

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Mad beyond words

This has been a long day and I still have to sit through a performance issue discussion after work, which I am so not looking forward to. I literally had to get things going as I walked into the building today. We have several interns that started their experiential training today and I had to oversee their on boarding and induction. It was quite daunting but also the sheer motivation and dedication in their eyes was rewarding.

I had a really lax and cool weekend. On Friday afternoon after much convincing from my mum I agreed to go for a pregnancy test. Yes - it was negative. I have been feeling pretty under the weather lately so my mum with T cheering on the sidelines insisted that I do a test. We were going to visit my cousin F - who is a doctor - so I asked her to do the test. She did a sonar as well as a pee test and both were negative. To be quite honest I was a teeny, weeny bit excited, but I am glad that for now I am not pregnant.

I finally collected my curtains on Saturday and T, the beloved man that he is set about putting them up for me. They came out gorgeous. Sunday we psyched ourselves for a day at Gold Reef City, but pheewww the queues were long so we abandoned that idea and decided on the Joburg Easter Festival instead. This is what we know as the Rand Easter Show. What an absolute disappointment. I actually felt like crying. There was nothing worthwhile to see, virtually no rides and very little to do. It was disappointing to say the least. We later went to the Zoo Lake for some late afternoon sunshine and chit chat and late had the most yummiest food at Spur...

Yesterday was my niece N's birthday and we were all invited out to Jimmy's. What an absolute ball and the food was not to mention scrumptious. We were totally stuffed and after some divine birthday cake made our way home. I almost never ended up going to the birthday party. T's alcoholic cousin is currently staying with T's parents and since they are overseas at the moment we have had to babysit him the entire time. We were invited by Doc who is cousin F and she clearly stipulated that she is inviting T and I. I just didn't think that it was appropriate for us to barge in with another grown adult in tow. Besides he is sullen and moody and always complains about everything. It really ticks me off but I have been counting to a 100. T didn't want to go at first but after I dug in my heels, he relented and we left the delinquent at home. Not after we found alcohol bottles in the yard. Now being Muslim we don't drink. Alcohol is forbidden in our religion so this is not something that one would find in a Muslim home. We not sure if it is the garden boy, the maid or the cousin. How does one prove it so we just have to wait until the idiot gets caught again. Than again how does one restrict a grown adult when clearly he doesn't think he has a problem. As far as he is concerned I am glad that T's parents are back soon so he can become their problem again.

This morning really tarnished the whole cool, chilled mood that was the weekend. There is this girl well she is more woman than girl but she acts more child than adult with her constant giggling even in serious situations. She happens to be the daughter of the dad's new best friend. So when new best friend and his lifeless wife visit, giggling Gertie visits too and spends all her time fawning over the dad. T and I are convinced that she has designs on the dad. Now the dad being quite the ladies man is revelling in the attention. This giggling thing decided to text T at 6am in the morning telling him to have a nice day. I was livid. I totally lost all sense of control and threw a mega tantrum. I was so upset. I don't doubt T - not for a second but I just think that it is highly inappropriate to sms someone at that hour when first of all they aren't even friends, barely speak to each other and secondly he has a wife. T got upset with me because he thought that I was accusing him and the whole drama unfolded like a bad soap opera. I really want to call her and tell her a piece of my mind but have decided that I will wait until Friday until the mum and dad are back. I know for fact that Friday night she will make sure she ends up at our place and than I will make mention of the fact that I do not appreciate her sending the Band text messages.

I'm sorry maybe I am being petty and silly, but I don't trust her. I'm not sure what her plan is but she is too scaly for words.

Uggghhhh - I am so mad...

Thursday, April 09, 2009

Yummy Bunny

My boss spoiled us with this today.....

Hmmmm Yummy.

Have a great weekend!!!!!!

Friday, April 03, 2009

Current Addictions

I feel like doing a current addictions post. I have seen this on Being Brazen and Boldly Bennys' blogs and to be quite honest it seemed like a really fun and cool idea.....

So to the 2 BB's - I hope you don't mind.....

Grape Flavoured Chappies
I sooo love this bubblegum. It's like little bursts of grapes in your mouth and before you know it the taste is gone....

My New Wedding Ring
After the first one got stolen - it took months before I got this one. (Insurance people - they sooo annoy me at the best of times). I only got it back about a month ago - Long story.
But I am soooo loving my new one.

What would the world be without these delish cheesy snacks...

Nintendo Ds Lite - Super Mario
I know, I know but this game so reminds me of my childhood and brings back such happy memories - I just cant help myself.

Ferrero Rocher Choccies

T bought me a whole box of these little pieces of heaven.....
I am soooo loving them at the moment.
How can one resist?

Complaints and Saying Thanks

It seems all I ever do is complain these days. If it's not this it's that or the other. I feel sucky and crappy. Today is just one of those days when everything just feels wrong and funny. I keep wanting to bang my head in frustration.
Things that are really ticking me off today:
  • My house that just feels very cluttered. I am a neat freak and the clutter is cluttering my brain and making me feel very claustrophobic.
  • The fact that the position that I really had my heart set on might still be worth a shot. I should know by this afternoon.
  • The Desperate Housewives episode last night was all about cheating husbands etc. It made me a little paranoid, even though I have nothing to worry about.
  • I seem to be coming down with something. As in the flu - and this anaemia thing is really taking it's toll on me due to lack of medication. I feel weak, light-headed, clammy and nauseous most of the time. And no I am NOT PREGNANT!
  • T's cousin, who is a really nice guy and fun to have around, but because of his addictions we have to babysit all the time now that T's parents are not here cos he might just fall off the wagon again.....
  • Work colleagues who think they really are the best and spend all day everyday slagging off their boss. Not like I particularly like their boss but come on, it is becomming a bit stale. Get on with whatever you supposed to do and stop expecting everyone to praise you for stuff that is expected off you.
  • T being grumpy most off the time - cos he has a million and one things to do and feels like he has to cut himself in 10 all the time. The fact that the dad calls from overseas several times a day nagging is just a put off.

I think that I should stop there. I just feel so overwhelmed and frustrated about everything.

I have so much to be grateful for:

  • It's the weekend, at least I can sleep late.
  • I have taken Monday off cos F and the crew are coming home and I would like to spend some time with them. So that means that next week I get to have a 3 day week - yippee....
  • My mum is the most amazing mum in the whole wide world. I am not sure what I would do without her constant support and the way she smooths things over in a way that only a mother can.
  • My brothers for always being there to make me laugh and the camaraderie that follows whenever I visit makes every visit with them special.
  • My Band - T who no matter how moody or grumpy will make every effort to make me feel better by trying to make me laugh with his wisecracks. Oh and the fact that every night when we go to bed we end up sleeping in a mass of limbs intertwined together. I love that. I stayed over at my mum's the previous night cos he left for Durban at 1am in the morning and I refused to be left alone. It felt so strange sleeping alone.

As my mum likes to say - Don't sweat the small stuff..... :)

Wednesday, April 01, 2009


I am not in a very good space right now. That position that I soooo badly wanted has apparently been offered to someone who was affected in the restructure and wasn't placed. I don't know if it is official yet - I just heard through the grapevine that they want to offer it to him. I'm sure it's probably true - why wouldn't it be.

Oh well with that said and done, I guess I need to re-evaluate my needs and well as my career aspirations.

Why oh Why do I never get what I really want.... I know all about the crap regarding you only get what is destined for you, but still it sucks. This has always been the case regarding my career. There are always things that I would really want to do but they somehow tend to always be out of my reach.

This just sucks!!!!