Friday, April 03, 2009

Complaints and Saying Thanks

It seems all I ever do is complain these days. If it's not this it's that or the other. I feel sucky and crappy. Today is just one of those days when everything just feels wrong and funny. I keep wanting to bang my head in frustration.
Things that are really ticking me off today:
  • My house that just feels very cluttered. I am a neat freak and the clutter is cluttering my brain and making me feel very claustrophobic.
  • The fact that the position that I really had my heart set on might still be worth a shot. I should know by this afternoon.
  • The Desperate Housewives episode last night was all about cheating husbands etc. It made me a little paranoid, even though I have nothing to worry about.
  • I seem to be coming down with something. As in the flu - and this anaemia thing is really taking it's toll on me due to lack of medication. I feel weak, light-headed, clammy and nauseous most of the time. And no I am NOT PREGNANT!
  • T's cousin, who is a really nice guy and fun to have around, but because of his addictions we have to babysit all the time now that T's parents are not here cos he might just fall off the wagon again.....
  • Work colleagues who think they really are the best and spend all day everyday slagging off their boss. Not like I particularly like their boss but come on, it is becomming a bit stale. Get on with whatever you supposed to do and stop expecting everyone to praise you for stuff that is expected off you.
  • T being grumpy most off the time - cos he has a million and one things to do and feels like he has to cut himself in 10 all the time. The fact that the dad calls from overseas several times a day nagging is just a put off.

I think that I should stop there. I just feel so overwhelmed and frustrated about everything.

I have so much to be grateful for:

  • It's the weekend, at least I can sleep late.
  • I have taken Monday off cos F and the crew are coming home and I would like to spend some time with them. So that means that next week I get to have a 3 day week - yippee....
  • My mum is the most amazing mum in the whole wide world. I am not sure what I would do without her constant support and the way she smooths things over in a way that only a mother can.
  • My brothers for always being there to make me laugh and the camaraderie that follows whenever I visit makes every visit with them special.
  • My Band - T who no matter how moody or grumpy will make every effort to make me feel better by trying to make me laugh with his wisecracks. Oh and the fact that every night when we go to bed we end up sleeping in a mass of limbs intertwined together. I love that. I stayed over at my mum's the previous night cos he left for Durban at 1am in the morning and I refused to be left alone. It felt so strange sleeping alone.

As my mum likes to say - Don't sweat the small stuff..... :)

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