Thursday, April 30, 2009

Weekend Post

Another fantastic long weekend is upon us and I am leaving for Durban in a few hours time. Why do I feel as though the world is against me than. I am feeling highly strung and not really looking forward to this weekend at all.

T and I planned to go to Durban this weekend and than suddenly all our plans were hijacked by the in-laws and now we are all going together. I am really really not looking forward to it anymore and although I am just doing the motions I am really kinda dreading it. Who wants to spend an entire weekend with the fighting and bickering trio. They annoy me and I don't even live with them and now I will have to be around them 24/7 for the next 3 days. The entire week I have been hoping that I come down with something, anything in order for us not to go but luck hasn't been on my side.

I am seriously stressed out about work as I work in a department where I seriously thought that I was making some headway. But it seems all they want to do is gun me and complain about every little thing I do. So much for believing in humanity again after last week Friday. All hopes were very kindly shattered after yesterday. I firmly believe that it gives them immense pleasure to complain about lack of service delivery. For once I had my proof and they couldn't fault me on anything. I am just tired of dodging bullets everyday. I really thought of calling in sick today as T wants to leave by 12pm, however just the thought of the entire department collapsing and me having sleepless nights wondering what will await me on Monday morning made me haul my myself into work today. I am planning on feighning an illness to leave early. It is hard being so sinister :)

My insurance is also really stuffing me around and after a good few months this is becomming really irritating and there is just too much confusion going about that is driving me nuts.


TheCullinaryQueen said...

Oh my I know about others' hijacking time with hubby! I'm going through that as well...
Just make the best of the sun and sea whilst in Durbs :-)

Blue Sunflower said...

I am beginning to feel really stifled but at least I am not alone.... ;)

thanks for the msg...


magicalprincessdiaries said...

Blue - I know how you feel but the only thing is in my instance the in-laws have hijacked any free time I had with the I used to on purpose go to my mum or my aunt even to work just to get away from them. Better yet i would make plans well in advance like a week before just to avoid them :(

Chat to the better half and explain to him how you feel and that you are not complaining just highlighting some key issues!

Good Luck!!!

KimyaShafinaaz said...

Oi.. I say blank out the peeps; If u can't stop them coming along let it be, but dnt let it spoil ur quality time with the hubby, and the ocean. There's something about salt water that absorbs negative energy... take a walk on a pier with him and throw it all away there... then take a deeep breathe and most importatnly: have fun! all the best :)