Friday, April 03, 2009

Current Addictions

I feel like doing a current addictions post. I have seen this on Being Brazen and Boldly Bennys' blogs and to be quite honest it seemed like a really fun and cool idea.....

So to the 2 BB's - I hope you don't mind.....

Grape Flavoured Chappies
I sooo love this bubblegum. It's like little bursts of grapes in your mouth and before you know it the taste is gone....

My New Wedding Ring
After the first one got stolen - it took months before I got this one. (Insurance people - they sooo annoy me at the best of times). I only got it back about a month ago - Long story.
But I am soooo loving my new one.

What would the world be without these delish cheesy snacks...

Nintendo Ds Lite - Super Mario
I know, I know but this game so reminds me of my childhood and brings back such happy memories - I just cant help myself.

Ferrero Rocher Choccies

T bought me a whole box of these little pieces of heaven.....
I am soooo loving them at the moment.
How can one resist?

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angel said...

I love niknaks, and that ring is simply exquisite!