Thursday, April 16, 2009

Week in a blur

I am having a really, really hectic week. The consultant that works under me is on leave for the next 2 weeks so I am running around like a crazed madcap trying to sort out the dramas that unhinge us every single day. It is unbelievably crazy.

The outlaws are back tomorrow after a 3 week holiday / spiritual retreat. Its more of a holiday in my opinion. Anyway they are due back tomorrow but are driving the band slightly batty with their constant nagging whether they are on tomorrow's flight or not. I called for reinforcements and asked my mum to help me cos it would be expected of me to cook lunch and supper. I don't really mind, however for supper we not sure who would be coming cos knowing the dad - he will probably call up all his cronies as soon as her touches home soil. Thanks to my mum - she did all the prep work and I just need to finish it off tomorrow. What would I do without you MUM????

To be quite honest I'm not really looking forward to their return. I know, I know they are T's parents but still. The past few weeks have been blissfully quite - except for the cousin who we had to babysit all the time. We did our own thing, lounged around, went out, chilled etc etc etc. And there were no sounds of screaming coming from next door.

Anyhoo - this is the beginning of really long and uneventful weekend for me....

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