Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Mad beyond words

This has been a long day and I still have to sit through a performance issue discussion after work, which I am so not looking forward to. I literally had to get things going as I walked into the building today. We have several interns that started their experiential training today and I had to oversee their on boarding and induction. It was quite daunting but also the sheer motivation and dedication in their eyes was rewarding.

I had a really lax and cool weekend. On Friday afternoon after much convincing from my mum I agreed to go for a pregnancy test. Yes - it was negative. I have been feeling pretty under the weather lately so my mum with T cheering on the sidelines insisted that I do a test. We were going to visit my cousin F - who is a doctor - so I asked her to do the test. She did a sonar as well as a pee test and both were negative. To be quite honest I was a teeny, weeny bit excited, but I am glad that for now I am not pregnant.

I finally collected my curtains on Saturday and T, the beloved man that he is set about putting them up for me. They came out gorgeous. Sunday we psyched ourselves for a day at Gold Reef City, but pheewww the queues were long so we abandoned that idea and decided on the Joburg Easter Festival instead. This is what we know as the Rand Easter Show. What an absolute disappointment. I actually felt like crying. There was nothing worthwhile to see, virtually no rides and very little to do. It was disappointing to say the least. We later went to the Zoo Lake for some late afternoon sunshine and chit chat and late had the most yummiest food at Spur...

Yesterday was my niece N's birthday and we were all invited out to Jimmy's. What an absolute ball and the food was not to mention scrumptious. We were totally stuffed and after some divine birthday cake made our way home. I almost never ended up going to the birthday party. T's alcoholic cousin is currently staying with T's parents and since they are overseas at the moment we have had to babysit him the entire time. We were invited by Doc who is cousin F and she clearly stipulated that she is inviting T and I. I just didn't think that it was appropriate for us to barge in with another grown adult in tow. Besides he is sullen and moody and always complains about everything. It really ticks me off but I have been counting to a 100. T didn't want to go at first but after I dug in my heels, he relented and we left the delinquent at home. Not after we found alcohol bottles in the yard. Now being Muslim we don't drink. Alcohol is forbidden in our religion so this is not something that one would find in a Muslim home. We not sure if it is the garden boy, the maid or the cousin. How does one prove it so we just have to wait until the idiot gets caught again. Than again how does one restrict a grown adult when clearly he doesn't think he has a problem. As far as he is concerned I am glad that T's parents are back soon so he can become their problem again.

This morning really tarnished the whole cool, chilled mood that was the weekend. There is this girl well she is more woman than girl but she acts more child than adult with her constant giggling even in serious situations. She happens to be the daughter of the dad's new best friend. So when new best friend and his lifeless wife visit, giggling Gertie visits too and spends all her time fawning over the dad. T and I are convinced that she has designs on the dad. Now the dad being quite the ladies man is revelling in the attention. This giggling thing decided to text T at 6am in the morning telling him to have a nice day. I was livid. I totally lost all sense of control and threw a mega tantrum. I was so upset. I don't doubt T - not for a second but I just think that it is highly inappropriate to sms someone at that hour when first of all they aren't even friends, barely speak to each other and secondly he has a wife. T got upset with me because he thought that I was accusing him and the whole drama unfolded like a bad soap opera. I really want to call her and tell her a piece of my mind but have decided that I will wait until Friday until the mum and dad are back. I know for fact that Friday night she will make sure she ends up at our place and than I will make mention of the fact that I do not appreciate her sending the Band text messages.

I'm sorry maybe I am being petty and silly, but I don't trust her. I'm not sure what her plan is but she is too scaly for words.

Uggghhhh - I am so mad...


Azra said...

Do you really want to get back at her? Ask her about it in front of everyone...99% of people hate confrontation. And I can guarantee you that will be the first and last time she ever does that lol!

She sounds like someone I know, desperate for attention all the time, from any male. It's disgusting. Wheres the self-respect? Obviously she has none.

My advice (& I know its difficult), but don't act up too much with T...because aside from the fact that he's innocent, don't ever give any man that kind of leverage over you, it could become very dangerous (not saying it will), just be careful because what we do in life will always come back to bite us in the ass.

Be cool, but be sure to sort it out with her, in a cool, stern manner...she must not think that she can get away with it.

Blue Sunflower said...

Thanks Azra for the encouragement and supportive words....

Much appreciated.