Monday, April 20, 2009

Runaway Weekend

The weekend was filled with a great amount of drama and intrigue. I am just glad that it is over but to be quite honest, it's left me feeling a little unhinged.

At 2:30am on Friday morning T and I were at the airport ready to wait for his parents arrival. At least they didn't take too long coming out and by 2:50 we were on our way home. The dad was too excited and insisted that he open up the bags to show T and I what he had bought for us. So we only ended up going back to bed at 4am. We couldn't sleep as now we were too wide awake and only ended up falling asleep after 5am. I still had to come in to work and leave food for them at home. I really struggled to keep up on Friday and by 15:30 I was ready to go home. At least my boss was nice enough to let me go. All I wanted was my bed and that wasn't gonna happen until much later that night. I got home and started preparing for supper. There were enough people for supper as expected. It was busy and chaotic at its best.

Saturday I left at about 10:30 and spent the whole day with my mum. What a blissful day. I spent a fortune on home stuff but buying stuff for my home makes me really happy. Came home on Saturday, only to find enough drama to constitute a B-grade movie. T's 17 year old cousin decided to run away with his girlfriend and were missing since Monday night. His family finally managed to track them down and now they were insisting to get married. Who better to call and who better to enjoy being the centre of all this drama than the dad himself. He called them home, had deep discussions with the two and than called her parents. Just looking at the pain on her mum's face made me want to clobber her. They are both 17 years old, have just finished school and don't earn a dime between the 2 off them. The cousin's sister is totally for this marriage just because she also married at 18. What a laugh.

These 2 runaway's than stayed with us as everyone thought that her parents would agree to them getting married. Well the whole day passed yesterday and nothing. By 6pm we were all ready to explode. Here were these 2 with no clothes waiting to here their fate. The more we tried to discourage them the more adament they were to getting married. Eventually her parents refused to budge and we told her that it's best that she go home. Besides she is only 17 which makes her underage.

Pheewww such drama can only be present with T's dad at the reins. The mum and sister were totally pissed off - which to be quite honest is justified but they did take things a little too far yesterday. I was quite annoyed at their antics.

As for me - well all I did was wander between my house and next door and by yesterday evening I was quite miserable through no fault of anyone. I just get cabin fever when I have to stay at home all day.

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