Monday, March 17, 2008


We had it all planned. A garden party with everyone sitting outside under white gazebos draped with pink and gold organza, decorated with gorgeous flowers, meat grilling on the braai, scrumptious salads, delicious and mouthwatering cakes and pastries all happening in the outdoors under the glorious South African sun.

Well it obviously wasn't meant to be. It didn't rain, it freaking poured. I awoke on Sunday morning and we had to come up with plan B. Luckily our house is big enough to accomodate everyone and everything did turn out beautifully in the end. It was gorgeous, a bit nerve-wrecking at times but overall it all went off well.

Yesterday was a weird experience. It was nerve wrecking and surreal and happy and joyous. We did the whole ceremony thing where they stuff your mouth with sweetmeats and all you want to do is gag. T put the ring on my finger and we exchanged gifts. And than there was a short prayer and some speeches and it was all over. And than the clearing up after everyone went home. Our house was full of family from Saturday and it was such a fun and joyous occasion. My mother had a few tears in her eyes last night as everyone left to go home.

My dad is and will always be a disappointment. He arrived at about 12pm just in time for lunch and didn't bother to ask to see me or even come looking for me. He left before the festivities and only as he was leaving he asked to see me to say goodbye. That is my father. He couldnt give a shit and only comes and acts like he cares because he is told to. He can't for the life of him ever do something positive for any of us. I guess that is why he is in this situation.

That aside - T and I are now officially engaged. I cant help but smile everytime I think about it.


sweets said...

Congrats!!!! Hope this is the start of something really wonderful!!

how about a picture of the ring??!!!

Blue Sunflower said...

I hope so too. Will be posting some pics soon...



KaB said...

Oh wow...that's fab! Congratulations!

So when's the big day & what you got planned?!?

Blue Sunflower said...


We looking at Dec.

Still looking at ideas - its mind boggling all the decor, colour schemes, organzas, draping.. Pheew way too much overload... Lol.

Thanks Again

Saaleha Bamjee-Mayet said...

Yep, it came down in shipping containers the day of my wedding and the walimah!
It's good luck apparently:)

angel said...

ooh it sounds gawjiss despite the weather... pics please!!! please!!!