Thursday, March 13, 2008

South Africa - A Sad Reality

I really wonder about South Africa and the future. I have always loved this country and believed that we lived in the best country ever. But whenever you hear about someone who has suffered at the hands of the criminals that have overridden and overpowered this beautiful country it kind of leaves a bitter and sad taste in your mouth. The optimism diminishes, you question the future of SA and thoughts of immigrating swirl in your mind.

I read Peas's post on how she was robbed in broad daylight amongst fellow drivers all battling the 5 o'Clock traffic. It made me once again question where this is country going to. And than it happened to my brother yesterday afternoon. He was robbed in the same manner in Jhb town. The only thing they didn't do was hit him. They pointed a gun and knife at him and they demanded money and his cellphone. Shame he was so shocked when he came to fetch me. What a mission to get everything blocked and MTN they deserve to be shot. I called to block his cellphone and lady who answered wanted to know why, how, when. Eventually when I had to spell it out to her that the phone's been stolen and that is the reason why I need it to be blocked it was like a light dawned in her head. I was so frustratated by than. I couldn't help but ask her if she was confused or just plain dumb. I mean why in the world would you want to block a phone if it wasn't stolen. She blocked it and than proceeded to hang up on me. Can you imagine my chagrin.

These petty crimes happen daily in SA. Nothing gets done about it and things are just getting worse. I used to love SA but now my perception of this country and where we are headed is somehow tarnished.

Sad but true!


sweets said...

don't get me started... i am positive beyond belief... even now... sorry to hear about your bro... just remember that the rest of the world has problems of their own, we just don't know about it... ;) things WILL get better again, it has to!

Caz said...

for the 1st time in my 25 years I started to despair recently... It just seems to be one thing after another in SA at the moment... BUT I remembered that we've endured MUCH worse than this!