Tuesday, January 08, 2008

School - A Bunch of Memories

It is cold and rainy and miserable today. When my alarm clock rang all I wanted to do was bury my head deeper into the pillow and forget that I had to come to work today. I feel sorry for all the children going to school today. What a depressing start to the school year. This morning on the radio they were talking about their first day of school. It made me think back to my first day of primary school. Gosh how I hated to primary school. Isn't it supposed to be this lovely experience filled with all the adventures of growing up. Although it is filled with great amounts of angst and pangs of growing up - my experiences were horrendous. I was unfortunate to have went to a small town local primary school. There was this air of ugly competitiveness that did not come from the children but rather their parents. Although I sometimes miss the closeness of a small community the one that I grew up in is not one I would like to go back to.

To all those girls that made my life a living hell in those first few years of school - Karma is a bitch. I know that its is mean of me to say something like that and I am not one to think of revenge or bear grudges - but in this case they will deserve it. There was this one girl who although we were close at some point was the most evil little girl I have ever come across. She was the leader of the pack and would instigate everyone to fight and bicker and be cruel towards others. I wonder sometimes what is it about children that makes them behave that way. School was a nightmare for me. H0wever I went on to become close to a few girls with who I share some very special memories. And even today we are still close and keep in contact often.

Although we have moved on and have separate lives, there is this bond between us that will be there forever. F - you naughty naughty girl with who I took such risks. She married young, has 2 children and is still as beautiful as ever. N - the serious one of us all. She went on to become a successful lawyer and we remain close as ever. R - the most aloof one of the lot. And not to forget to mention S - this lovely person who was always there when I needed a shoulder to cry on. How can I forget these 4 people who were such an important part of when I was growing up. It was only during high school that we became close and some of the best memories were born from this friendship

High school was cool - N and I went to same school. We had to travel a great distance by bus and that was the hardest. I must add that are there some experiences that I will never forget. The cute freckle faced boy who was like my best friend. The greek who was such a sweet gentleman and than there was the would be pilot. Wasn't he such a tease and such fun to have around. The rugby player - who I had such a crush on. I blush when I just think of it. The endless amounts of chappies and the Fizz Pop suckers that we all consumed as we rode the bus to and from school everyday. Those are such sweet memories - I smile every time I think of them. Those were such carefree times and although school was such a drag and we had to get up really early just to get the bus at 6:00 am those were some really fantastic times. And let me not forget the sweet innocent K, who was not so innocent after all. LOL....

Overall when I think about it - school wasn't so bad after all. I survived the trauma of being bullied in primary school and made it through high school which had it's own dramas. A bunch of memories that despite highs and lows still makes me smile. To all the children out there make the most of your years at school - cos once they gone - you will never get them back.....

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