Monday, November 05, 2007

Weekend Do's

Monday's usually go by in a blur for me. Somedays I am all focused and full of energy and some days I am just lame and listless. Today is somewhat of an inbetweener for me. We came in to work this morning, only to find that the aircon was not working. It was horrible, trying to concentrate with that intense heat all around you. It just triggered my allergies with my nose and eyes watering like crazy. Im still not feeling too fine - but its fine I guess, the day is almost over.

My weekend was fine I guess. T was gone to a wedding so I only got to see him yesterday. I went out on Friday night, to Spur and it was divine, although we first had to complain before we got our order right. On Saturday night, I went to this divine little Indian/Pakistani restaurant in Fordsburg. The food is absolutely lovely, I am salivating just thinking about it. It was a bit of a strange experience but overall it was cool. Yesterday I went shopping and ended up buying some stuff that I am seriously thinking of returning. I dont know, will have to decide on that one.

I baked a whole batch of cookies on Saturday morning and not to mention the most divine Chocolate Cake. Still wanted to take a picture and post it on my food blog Fantasy of Food
but everyone dug into it before I could do so and now there are a few measly crumbs this morning. Oh well next time, I guess. I have posted the recipe there though.

We had people over yesterday morning and it was nice just being with family and spending the morning with them. We see them so little that the few times that we do get together is always so short. It always makes me think of when we were younger and the fun and get togethers that were always planned at my grandparents house. Both sets of grandparents have passed on and I really miss them and I think that we would have had this really fantastic relationship with them now that we are older. We didnt really get to know them as my siblings and I were really young when they passed on. When my mum talks about her parents, it always makes me feel that we missed out on something great and wonderful. I grew up with my grandmother and aunt from my dad's side and we lived in the same home. Although at times I really miss them, the bad memories that surround my parents divorce and the hand that they somehow played in it tarnishes those memories. However it is not wise to speak ill of the dead, so may their souls rest in peace.

I met one of my closest friends sisters yesterday. We were somehow really close and always got along really well. She is 3 years younger than me and is getting married. I am so happy for her. We got chatting and she was telling me about all the girls that are getting married. These are girls from the place where I grew up in. Its like everyone you hear, is getting married. I keep getting bombarded with questions of when I am going to get married. Somehow I just smile and say, we'll see. T and I have spoken about the whole marriage thing again and this time I feel that I am ready. I can picture myself being married to him and the whole notion of his family doesnt scare me anymore. Well it does sometimes, but it just doesnt seem as daunting anymore. Also I think that marriage is a really big step and one has to be completely ready for it. I know that last year when the whole issue of us getting married came up, I wasnt ready for it. And yes we broke up over it and yes every single person that we knew made it their freaking business to make their opinions known but if I look back, I am actually really proud of the person that I have become. I am also proud of T, he has changed as well and seems to be a bit more mature and adult about certain things. I dont want to get married just because everyone else is doing it. It has to be right for me as I just feel that it is a life changing experience. So yes T keep saying that he wants to get married and has asked me a million times if I am sure about things this time round. And yes I am. However I do understand that things will be weird and this is not your normal, average sort of relationship - but I cant help looking forward to it......I just hope that this time round - Nothing else goes awry.....

In exactly one week, T leaves for overseas. I hope the 6 weeks that he is away - go by really quickly.....

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