Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Sucky Feelings

So the position that I am very interested in has been advertised and I do meet the requirements to apply. However I can't apply because there are seperate areas within HR that are undergoing a restructure and if you are unaffected like me you cant apply for any positions until the restructure is complete. I called the hiring manager for this position yesterday just to ask her if I could apply. She was so surprised that I was interested and sounded quite excited when I explained my reasons for wanting to apply. She promised to get back to me, so I am crossing my fingers that there might be some exeption to the rule and I can apply. However I would still need to get approval from my boss who I am not sure if she would authorise me wanting to move less than 12 months in my current position. If I can't apply, I will have to wait and see if the position gets filled and if it doesnt than once the structuring is complete I can have a go at it. If it gets filled now than tough. :(

I haven't been feeling well lately. Low blood pressure again and guess what the meds that I used to take have been discontinued and there is no substitute. I am stuck with eating salt and drinking lots of water. I don't mind the water, but salted stuff can be a bit much at times. I eat Salt and Vinegar crisps like crazy... lol.

Work's been very stressful with neverending dramas that are becomming to stale and pathetic to care anymore. I used to be excel under pressure, strive to overcome challenges and really attempt to beat the odds, but lately I find myself becomming anxious over trivial things and the stresses just keep mounting. It is becomming really tiresome.

The last few weekends have been pretty crazy. T and I really need to create some kind of routine or else we will be saddled with his parents cronies who don't seem to have a life and spend all their weekends together. Although I have no intention of spending time with them, it has become rather annoying. We happen to be right next door so you always know what's happening at the next house. I am a fighter and I wont let anyone take advantage of me, but T's mum can be a really scaly and I don't trust her. Aah the joys of being and Indian daughter-in-law.

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angel said...

oy, you have your plate real full don't you!!??