Friday, March 06, 2009


So what do you think?

T has a friend called B who is getting married in a few weeks time. Yesterday when I get home, T's mum asks me if B has called me to invite me to her bridal shower. So me forever in the dark when it comes to these things didn't know anything about it. Apparently there was some confusion about whether they were having it or not and now they are so she called T's mum to invite her. T's mum told her to call me and T's sister and let us know. B was adament that she would call me last night. Well she hasn't so technically I haven't been invited. So I'm not going.

Am I being unfair. She called the mum and told her but the mum told me that she told her to call me and she hasn't so I don't feel like I should go. How can you invite someone 2 days before or even a day before in my case. However personally I think her dad slipped up with T's mum and happened to mention it to her yesterday, because she told T's sister that they aren't having anything. So me thinks that they had no intention of inviting us and now just have to because her dad told my mother in law about it. Hmmmmm I bet you I am right.

I am in a dilemma because although she didn't invite me and to be quite honest I don't give a shit because she is so damn irritating I can puke, my MIL will think well I passed on the message to you, so you should go. So annoying. Another wonderful weekend awaits me in FREAKVILLE!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Sheesh this is bad, sorry sweethart

Nafisa said...

I say if you didnt get an invite in person, dont go.