Monday, March 09, 2009


So T's beloved friend somehow forgot to invite me to her bridal shower so I didn't go regardless that she told his mother and sister. On Saturday I woke up super early as my the salon could only see me at 7:30. The sister obviously thought that I was going, so when I came back she came to tell me she isn't going because B didn't confirm with her. Well she didn't call me at, so I wasn't planning on going. The mum was quite upset with B cos than she still called back on Saturday night to ask the mum why they didn't come and she sent T's sister a text.

This just confirms it. I never liked B and to be honest she doesn't like - so we should cut the pretense and just not pretend at all. Why she suddenly wanted to spend all her time with T and I is beyond me. To be honest, it was probably a ruse to get to spend time with her soon to be husband. T can be so dense at times and will not realise that people are taking advantage of him. I only tolerated her because of him and because she is like a sister to him. He was pretty mad as well. To be honest - I don't care.

I am in the midst of planning a 50th birthday part. My father in law turns 50 on Sunday and the Peter Pan that he is - has insisted that he wants a party. So as of Saturday I have went into planning mode. I just hope all goes according to plan as the parties concerned lack initiative and chutzpah to really pull something wow off. I am not blowing my own horn or anything but seriously they do lack some serious case of INITIATIVE.....

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angel said...

I'm sure the party will be a huge success!
As for the friend... I find a lot of people suddenly rediscover old friends and family when they plan on getting married or are having a baby- people who attend showers and weddings bring gifts, and a lot of those "remembered" friends and family are handy to ask for favours (think photography/ make-up/ catering/ cakes/ baby-sitting).