Monday, March 16, 2009


Hmmm - so the position that I have been blabbering on about has not been filled. The announcements went out today and that position wasn't on the list. I called the hiring manager for the job and she confirmed that the position remains unfilled and I am welcome to apply when it is advertised. She couldn't give me a time though. I am not sure whether to be excited or not. A part of me is, however at the moment I feel very despondent when it comes to work and my career. I know I shouldn't be negative but the area that I work in has been really trying and I get no support from my manager. I always thought that she was great, but she favours who she wants to and because I just get on with it and do it and I don't run every 5 min to her office sucking up - I get ignored. It is frustrating and I am constantly questioning myself whether I am doing things right or not.

I will definitely apply for the position once it is advertised, however I do need to inform my boss of my intentions. She can block my application, because I am not in my position for a year and company policy is that you have to get authorisation to apply if you are not in your current portfolio for a year or she will allow me to apply. I really am not sure - however I would like to apply for it. To be quite honest - right now it seems like a light at the end of this tunnel. It seems like a glimmer of hope where I can at least prove to succeed amidst challenges and obstacles.

I am sooo buggered after this weekend. Yesterday was the dad's bday party. His 50th mind you. I am so exhausted - the whole party was at my house and I planned and planned and planned and at least it all went off without a hitch. Except that the mum and dad got into the car this morning at 5am and drove to Durban. I knew they were going but she was in no way bovvered to clear up or anything. She still has the nerve to say - oh well leave it all, go sleep you must be tired. I looked at her incredulously and told her never - I can not go and sleep with my kitchen looking like a warzone of food and stuff. She really is strange. At least the party went off ok. That's all that matters right. For the first time did my in laws have a function that was close to perfect. I am not blowing my own horn - but my mum and I really went to a whole lot of trouble to making it pretty great. Oh the others all helped but the ideas were all ours. Whether it is appreciated is still left to be seen.

At least my house was clean this morning.... :)


Azra said...

Congrats on the successful party. I know how stressful something like that can become.

Oh and don't worry too much about the job...if its meant for you, you will get it in a cinch, without even trying to :D But good luck anyways.

Blue Sunflower said...

Thanks Azra.... I believe that too - its just something that would be really great for me....

Thanks again...


angel said...

It sounds like the party was a hit indeed!
Holding thumbs for the job!