Monday, February 25, 2008

Frazzled Electric Shocks

I am feeling like a live hot wire full of current and ready to explode. Only difference this is a different kind of energy. I feel frazzled and overwhelmed. There is just so much to do, I feel exhausted, the preparations or rather the beginning of the preparations for the wedding are starting to make me go cuckoo in my head and all I want to do is bury my head in the sand and never wake up. It is making me grumpy and miserable and terribly irritable.

To top it all, my cuz who I am really close to, decided to throw a little pity party yesterday. She visited yesterday and went on and on about how hurt she is cos I didn't tell her about me and Sweets and about the fact that we are wanting to get married. Umm hello - this is quite a newly revealed fact. She knew that we were dating, but I could have at least told her that we are wanting to get married blah, blah, blah. They were over for supper last night however her little tantrum just spoiled my appetite and all I wanted to do is puke. In fact I still want to puke. Sweets asked me to marry him last year before he went overseas. I didn't tell a soul until he came back, so that we could officially make the announcement. I didn't even tell me own mother until the 99th hour. I was not only irritated last night but also upset. Isn't this supposed to be a happy time, I mean my other cousins and friends have all been calling with congrats and excited ideas etc etc and she literally tried to talk me out of it. I mean what gives?

I was looking forward to her visit, thinking that she would help with ideas but after last night, I hope she stays far away from it all. I don't need someone with a face sweeping the floor to come and just dampen everyone's spirits, cos that is exactly what she did last night. Talk about waiting for someone in anticipation and than sad realisation dawns that all your waiting was in vain. I am highly highly irritated with her. But nonetheless I don't really care. If that is how she feels than so be it. This is my turn and it's a happy occasion in my home and I don't want anyone to spoil it.

Only 3 more days and I will be out of this department. The lady that is supposed to take over frm me, is so nonchalent about the whole thing that it is making me stress even more. However there is only so much I can do and if she doesn't take an interest to come to me and ask and learn than it is her loss. On Friday is my first day in my new position, it sucks if you ask me but I guess it's fine.

I cant wait to go home today. I feel exhausted and miserable and really wish that this day were over. To top it all - I just deleted about 3/4 of my inbox. That is like the majority of my emails - gone. I am so clueless when it comes to things PC that I don't know how to get it back. I have logged a call with our help desk and the waiting is driving me nuts cos I cant do any decent work. Aaaarghhhh - FRUSTRATION AT IT'S BEST!!!!!!!!!!

I can hear a hot bath and my bed calling for me in the distance...


Anonymous said...

Hi Blue! Just read your comment now. I have no idea why you can't access my blog. Very Strange indeed!

As for your cuz. I also think you should just move her out of your lofe for now. Or at least for the wedding arrangements. You don't need that negativity around you and she's probably just jealous.

Blue Sunflower said...


I was able to access your blog thereafter.

Tell me about the jealous rants on my cuz's part. Its so irritating when the one person who you really put so much emphasis on - talk about disappointment.