Monday, September 01, 2008


Today marks the day of the beginning of Ramadaan. It is a month in which all Muslims around the globe partake in fasting from dawn till dusk. The month long obligation is filled with prayer and reflection. As Muslims we are required to sympathize with the poor and the hungry and reflect on our existence within society. The purpose of Ramadaan is to cleanse the soul, while reflecting on past sins and gaining closeness to God. Observing the fast is supposed to bring upon a sense of peace, calm and serenity.

It isn't really difficult and just when one gets used to it, it comes to an end and the month is over. I always reminisce back to when I lived in a small predominantly Muslim community. The whole community would be observing the fast and almost every evening little plates of food would be sent across to neighbours to share in whatever exciting food was made for the day. There was a special camaraderie about and the entire community was abuzz.

I haven't blogged in a while. There is so much going on at work, in my personal life and at times I begin a post only to have to stop and do something really pressing and urgent. The venue that I had booked for my wedding decided to really screw me over and gave me a quote of
R78 000.00 for the use of their venue. This does not include the food and when I questioned them about it because the initial cost was going to be
R7500.00 including tables, chairs and crockery. The rest of the decor was extra. The owner of the place insisted that she only has tables, chairs and crockery to accomodate 180 people and they will have to hire in the remainder at my cost. This was not communicated in the initial paper that was given to us when we paid the deposit. I ended up having a fight with her because in my opinion that is false advertising. I was shocked at the exhorbitant price and they have refused to budge so I spent the better part of last week searching for a another venue. I don't have many options because most of the nice places are already taken. I have a few options but the stress and misery was just too much to handle for me.

The stresses at work also did nothing for any of my personal stresses and I found myself on more than one occasion feeling very miserable and depressed. Some of my business partners are really hard to please and find fault with everything that happens. Petty little issues become really huge and get blown way out of proportion. And my boss was away so it just made things 10 times worse. She will probably hear all about it and I am stressing big time. A lot of things were out of my control and I tried damn hard to make things work but with these people its never enough. I really feel like throwing in the towel which is so unlike me. I have never felt so overwhelmed in my life and I keep thinking that I am failing. And after what my boss told me a few weeks ago I keep thinking I have failed her as well.

Hmmm and than there is my cousin. It appears that she had lied about everything that happened on her honeymoon and I have reason to believe that she is not as innocent as she looks. Really not sure what in the world has overcame her but me thinks that there is someone else involved. I just cant get over the fact that she openly lied to me and I was such a gullible fool to believe her. Her Oscar performance is one that will stay with me for a long time. Her antics and the things that she apparently got up to is another post altogether

I hope I have a better week than the last one.


angel said...

oh my word... she lied?
you really have had a rough week haven't you.
i am so so sorry your venue screwed you over... what happened to the prize you won?
at least you can still do your own thing- my current client has had her whole wedding hijacked by her inlaws! the only thing she can have her own way is the cake and her dress!!!

Blue Sunflower said...

Oh No. I can imagine that trauma. Its supposed to be her day.

Everything is still on track for the prize, however the venue that were offering is in the middle of nowhere and is really not nice. I have sourced another venue - just hoping that it all comes together now.

As for my cousin - yip she lied. Pretty rotten if you ask me....

Thanks for the message.


Caz said...

shame lady. It seems that times are tough in general at the moment. Isn't spring meant to be full of life and joy and bounce?? Well hopefully soon you will be blessed with the discovery of a BEEEYOOTIFUL venue! keep us updated :)