Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Off Balance

Why does the world seem a little off balance? There are just too many bizarre things going on right now that is making me wish for Murphy and his bitchy girlfriend Karma to go on that long overdue holiday and never find their way back! Drama's galore!!!!

I'm getting a new laptop today. Can't wait - I hope it's as snazzy as it sounds.

I read the most amazing book over the weekend. Goodnight, Beautiful by Dorothy Kroomson. I couldn't put the book down and was in tears most of the time. There are some books that really move a person and this is one of them. The story is about 2 best friends bound together by experiences that truly make their friendship a unique one. As life unfolds and each go their seperate ways they are still the number one force in each other's lives until life's realities take over and this becomes a test to their friendship. It is about sadness and loss and pain and that ultimate person's presence in your life that can make anything seem better if only they were there. I loved reading it and if you get a chance to read it you wont be disappointed.

I am not sure if it's out here in SA. I work for a well known retailer and was lucky enough to get my hands on an unedited bound proof. I feel soooo chuffed.

The wedding plans are really starting to stress me out. I feel overwhelmed and I am not sure if whatever I am doing is the right thing. I keep thinking that I am running off time and we wont get things done and it will all be a big old mess. I think I am just feeling a little overwhelmed right now and need to refocus and re-energize my thoughts.

I think that's where my feeling of things being a little off kilter are stemming from. I just wish that everything can fall into place without the usual nail biting drama......


sweets said...

don't worry too much, it's natural to stress, try to enjoy it and delegate sweety, delegate!!!

i've got a little book in my handbag and if somebody recommends a book... it get's pencilled in... your book is on my list!

Caz said...

hey :) you've been tagged!

Kitty Cat said...

Hey there, am stopping by your blog for the first time. Am newish to blogging, and am browsing.
I got married not too long ago and felt exactly the same as you! And, just like everyone tells you, it does all work out in the end.