Friday, September 26, 2008

Rumor has it

Hmmm what would you do if you heard something about someone and you have to tell them what you heard but you know that if you do they will definitely get upset. Do you think keeping something away from someone is a test of one's character?

I really don't know what to do. I heard something yesterday about my brother M. Him and I are really close so it wouldn't be too hard to confront him about it. However I know that if I do - he is going to get upset with me and there is always that possibility that it aint true. I know everyone at home was wondering what was up with me yesterday. I heard the news just before I left to go home from work. I'm not sure what to do - and to be honest it's eating at me.

See about a year ago M got involved with this girl. She was all innocent and pretty looking, however deeper truths revealed a real horror off a girl. She went out off her way to manipulate him and to be honest she didn't treat him very nicely. Now M and his antics around women can leave one gaping at the mouth He is 22 years old, is more in lust than in love and can have a whole string of women at any given time. Being that he is rather good looking doesn't help much and I usually can't help but feel sorry for all these poor girls who seem to fall in love with him within mere minutes of meeting him. I always tell him that with him it's too many women too little time.

And so he met this girl lets call her X. I don't think he was as serious about her and she was about him and did everything in her power to manipulate the situation to get him to marry her. She would call him over telling him that she was alone at home only for him to get there and find that she wasn't there but her whole family was. When he would call to find out where she was - she would nonchalently say that she is out shopping with her mum but he can bond with her dad and brother. There were a whole lot of other antics that she got up to that eventually led to the end of that. Now in the Muslim community - of which everyone somehow knows everyone - these sort off things are really are a mystery. Boy likes girl, boy and girl decide to date, the parents are none the wiser, they duck and dive to meet each other, eventually the parents find out and bam they start planning your marriage, deciding what to name their grandchildren etc etc etc. It is all kind of old fashioned but yeah that is what the Indian community is like. So X and her family went out off their way and every time they met members of my family they dropped subtle hints as to when this two would tie the knot. My brother being the little player that he is - was just having his usual fun and games and was none the wiser that X was plotting and scheming to get a ring on her finger.

Eventually after much dramas their relationship ended. M ended up looking like a complete asshole because in his opinion he is not wanting to get married anytime soon and they were merely dating. In her opinion she had the wedding planned and organised and was merely just waiting for it all to happen. That didn't end very nicely but we all thought that it was over. M is back to his old tricks and seems to be enjoying being quite the Don Juan. Yesterday I heard some news that just made me wonder if him and her are not an item again.

I know I must sound like a paranoid fool and maybe it is none of my business - however this girl has caused enough havoc in his life that I really don't want him to get hurt again. I mean hurt in the sense where she manipulates him to her own advantage. M is such a softie and straight as an arrow and being a man - they become dumb to such feminine wiles.

I don't know. Should I mention it to him or should i just leave it. Ultimately it is his life and maybe he really loves her there is nothing that any off us can do. It's just that this girl together with her family have done enough damage to not make me like them. I guess my opinion is the last that matters and who am I to stand in the way off two people seeking happiness.
I am just concerned this is my little brother we talking about here and if X is up to her old tricks again than I just feel that my M needs to know about it. Up to the end of their whole tirade - she used to go around telling everyone that him and her are an item when they so clearly were not. It was only after he called her and told her to leave him alone and they were clearly not together did she finally leave him alone. So I am not sure if this is just she getting up to her old tricks again or if there is some truth in it. Or who knows - it might just be the odd rumor.

What can I say?


Being Brazen said...

Thats a hard one. I would probably say something if i was you - but that me and i have a problem keeping my mouth shut.

If this "rumour" you heard is eating away at you and you really want to know the truth - best to ask your brother. Better than waiting or hearing more "rumours" that will just make you wonder more.


Have a great weekend

Blue Sunflower said...

Thanks for the comment BB. I am usually also not one to shut my mouth - infact more often than not I will stick my foot right in it...

I think its best if I just play open cards and say what I need to say.....

Anonymous said...

Definitely ask him about it, I think the girl sounds like a real irritating cow, who phones some1 and tricks them into going to their place so they have to spend time with the father and brother, thats so lame and its deceitful.
And dont feel scared to give him your opinion of her and reasons why, you are his sister and its better to say something, he can take it how he likes and still do what he wants but its good to share your thoughts, I think so. But then, on the other well did you get to know her, maybe she really loves him and would be a good partner to him.....