Monday, August 25, 2008

Soap Opera

The past few days have been topsy turvy with enough drama to make up a day time soap opera. My cousin S is back home after her honeymoon of 2 weeks. She is back home as in never going back, as in on the verge of divorce. Yeah - that is the shocker that has got everyone in the family reeling.

S got married on the 9th of August. On Monday afternoon she left to go on honeymoon and from day one it was just one disaster after another. The issues range from him not talking to her at all, ignoring her, not making any form of conversation and last but not least rape. She cut the honeymoon short and got dropped off at our house on Thursday evening. She looked battered, sad and miserable. She stayed at our home on Thurday evening and we spoke to her for a really long time trying to make sense of all that had gone wrong. Her husband the dropped her off without a care in the world. He didn't call her or make any contact with her since he dropped her off on Thursday evening. All his family wants to do is reconcile the two but he hasn't made one positive step in that direction.

Her parents came to get her on Saturday and there was a lot of tears and anger at him. They met with him and his dad and eventually when the the meeting concluded they all decided that it was over. However I still think that they are going to continue pursuing the issue. She on the other hand wants nothing to do with him - she is repulsed by him. I am not sure exactly what he did to her but there is something and I have this feeling that it is something really terrible. I keep thinking back to that advert that Charlize Theron did a few years ago on "Real Men Don't Rape." In my opinion it all boils down to that.

I feel so sorry for her. Who gets married to get divorced 2 weeks later. I mean a honeymoon is supposed to be a really happy time and all she can say is that it was the worst 2 weeks of her life. I keep thinking I am also getting married in a few months time and the thought is just making me very scared. But in her case she didn't really know the man she was marrying. She met him in March, got engaged in April and got married in September. Too soon in my opinion to be chosing this person as one's life partner. He seemed to be a decent great guy and just turned out to be a real asshole.

Yesterday was very emotional for everyone and because we were in the thick of it - there were times when all I wanted to do was cry. I keep thinking that all these months were spent in preparing for the wedding. She was on this high and although at times she was a real bridezilla she planned everything herself. All the planning and the hive of activity has to end in such sorrow and pain. I am disgusted at him and keep thinking that if I have to see him there is no telling what I might do. For me he is the lowest of the low. Pond scum if you ask me.

In the middle of all this drama we were robbed last week Thursday. I am not sure if our domestic is involved but there are certain things pointing to her and I keep wondering if it is just pure coincidence or not. The drama of reporting it to the police and insurance is just proving to be another mission and I really hope that it isn't going to be a repetition of what happened 2 years ago when we were robbed and ended up being really short-changed regarding a claim that we had made. It's as though things are just going pear-shaped and I keep wondering what happens next. I'm crossing my fingers that nothing else happens.

Everything just seems to be a bit off kilter at the moment.


Saaleha Bamjee-Mayet said...

How awful:( I hope your cousin seeks some sort of counselling after all that trauma. I have a cousin who divorced after a few months (while she was pregnant) over mother-in-law issues and now, five years down, she's still damaged, her self-esteem shredded.
Sorry to hear about the robbery, I felt really angry reading about it:(

Princess said...

Oh my Word, how sad....hopefully all is okay after what has happend to your cousin....Inshallah her faith will be restored...

Saaleha mother-in-laws tend to do to much meddling for my own liking which leads to lots of disagreements!

angel said...

oh my word.
thats simply dreadful! how on earth could it have gone so dreadfully pearshaped so fast!!?!?
your cousin has all my sympathy...
and i'm sorry bout your robbery. i am glad you weren't hurt or anything- but it does so make you miserable.