Tuesday, February 17, 2009


I typed this long post yesterday and got side-tracked in posting in and now I can't find it anywhere. Hmmm so much for auto-save. I really am clueless when it comes to technology.

I went for an interview yesterday morning. The company is teeny tiny, compared to this congolomerate that I work for. It is so in my field of Psychometric assessment and testing, however you only get paid for the number of people that you assess and the number of reports that you generate. There are no benefits to the position either. I think I would be crazy to give up a permanent cost to company salary with benefits and all sorts of other perks and bonuses for a commission type salary. I am just not ready to do something like that. Besides I thought the guy was a bit of an ass.

My weekend was pretty tiring and I was rather peeved off by Sunday lunchtime. Saturday being Val Day, I woke up super early to make T some breakfast. By the time he was ready to leave for work - I had made sunny side eggs, french toast, grilled tomatos, pieces of fried polony, orange juice and coffee. I laid the table with red serviettes and a lovely red candle that I had bought last week from Mr P. I could see he was really surprised. He was working the whole day so I just lounged around and spent the afternoon with my mum. We went out for supper at night and met up with my mum and cousin F and the girls N and N. I offered N and N to sleep over at my house. It was cool, however it was a bit hectic cos usually when they sleep over at my old house, my mum is there to do everything.

We woke up on Sunday morning with no lights so breakfast was a rushed affair of trying to boil water on the gas stove for coffee. My MIL was expecting guests for lunch and I very stupidly offered to make the starter and a salad. I really am very confused with what I should do or shouldn't do. After the drama that happened last week with her and the dad regarding cooking on a Sunday I really don't know if I should offer her assistance or not. She is not someone who likes to be offered help and if you do offer to help her than she just dumps the entire thing on you and doesn't do a thing.

Anyhow I offered to make the starter and the salad but there were no lights so I decided to make the starter at my mum's. I was really feeling for canned fruit with cream so I mentioned to her that I am making some of that. Wasn't that an opportunity for her? As I was leaving to go to my mums', she very candidly shoved a box of instant Malva Pudding and asked me to make it. Me ever the dumb idiot, took it and didn't think twice because how difficult can instant pudding be right. Wrong!

When I got to my mum, she was busy as well in the kitchen and I have now realised that I am no longer used to working in her kitchen anymore. So we began to irritate each other while I tried to make this starter and the pudding and the canned fruit thingy and the salad. Well I didn't end up making the salad cos I was really tired by now. So I went home with all my stuff and I told MIL that I didn't manage to make the salad - thinking that at least T's lazy sister would offer to make it. Well she didn't. The mum than tells me it's fine don't make it. So guess what - I didn't. They weren't my guests, so I don't care. Besides I still had my 2 nieces to take care off. I didn't bother helping to set the table or serve the food because I still needed to get dressed.

What eventually really got to me was that she made me make 2 desserts and when she served dessert she took out the 2 that I had made, ice-cream and the dessert that the lady who was visiting brought. All this for only 2 extra adults and 3 children. I was feeling very frustrated on Sunday and I eventually told T later that night. At least we went out later in the afternoon so I forgot about all the dramas that were plaguing me. I can't understand how a woman can be so lazy when it comes to cooking and entertaining guests. The mum and dad have a weird power struggle between the 2 of them. He loves to have people at his house, she doesn't - unless it's her own people than she will go out of her way to be the perfect hostess. If it's someone that she couldn't give a shit about than she wont and that will be the end of that.

I am not really complaining about her in the sense that she is mean and nasty to me. I just don't like her ways when it comes to cooking and stuff That just gets to me and I can't help but feel stressed about it.

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angel said...

its really tough sharing a house like that...