Thursday, July 03, 2008


Hmmm I don't find much time to blog - no wait actually I haven't had much inspiration to blog. It just seems that I am floating along with nothing really interesting happening. However if I think about it there are tons happening.

I'm having my cousin's bridal shower on Saturday. We doing a whole Chinese theme - I just hope that all goes according to plan. My efforts to the China Mart these past few weeks have resulted in me finding some really cool stuff to use as decor. The menu is also Chinese - which I have delegated to my mum. I have some games planned for the ladies and than she will have to guess the pressies and be punished if she guesses them incorrectly. I asked every guest to please include a special recipe and I will get my nieces to file it for her on the day so that she goes home with a recipe file full of unique recipes. Im excited and i'm sure will be fun.

I'm stressing about asking my new boss for a days leave next week. I need to go and sort out my invites as well as have a look at some decor and flowers for my own wedding. It cant be done over a weeekend as the places that I want to go to are only open during the week and a Saturday morning which is not convenient for anyone. So my initial plan was to go this week Wednesday and I would have just called in sick. However with Murphy on my side who can ask for anything more - I got sick last week so I cant really call in sick this week. I'm not sure what I am going to tell her, I just hope that she doesn't mind too much.

My new department is really challenging but I am so loving the challenge. At times things seem pretty daunting but it's stuff that i enjoy so im not really complaining.

T is in the process of sorting out our new home. There is quite a bit to do with regards to painting and putting in new windows cos the current ones are sooo tiny. He is so excited and I just end up looking at him in wonder and telling him that whatever he wants is ok. I must admit that I am a bit skeptical of his parents tastebuds - they also have a ton of ideas with regards to what goes where and how things should look and their ideas are a little on the wierd side. Everything that he wants to do or rather that they want to do - he asks me first. I don't want to sound like a gremlin but for crying out loud i'm the one that's going to have to live with it. I am so in awe of him being so excited about redecorating. Im so chuffed at him.

I find myself getting excited of our life together. I often wonder what it will be like and I guess in a few months time I will know. Than again I sometimes feel a little scared. I am a huge scaredy cat for change and I wonder how long it will take me to adapt. I also get a bit weary of his family being so close to us. I just hope and cross my fingers that they wont interfere. They have never been nasty or ugly to me and they always make me feel very welcome when I visit them however I just feel that they are very different to my family and the way we do things. I think that scares me a bit. I don't ever want to be in a situation where I have to complain to T about his family. I don't want to put him in that situation where he will have to chose between me and them. So that is why I just hope that they don't have these unrealistic expectations of me. I am marrying their son not them.

I know one thing though that I will miss my family like crazy. Yes, its all about starting a new life and I cant wait to do that with T, but I will miss my family. At least I am not moving away to another city and will literally be just 5 minutes away. I feel the tears pricking my eyes when I think of not living with my mum. She and I are as close as two best friends. We share everything and I know that me getting married is going to change a whole lot of things. I also worry about her. Ever since my dad left she and I have become even more close. I am her pillar of strength and support and I will always be there for her but after I leave things will be different. But I shall leave that thought for another post....

Im just sooo glad that its almost weekend. I have a hectic weekend ahead of me but this has been a very loooooonnnggg week....

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