Friday, July 25, 2008


As off next week Thursday I will be a few thousand rands richer. Yippee....
We received our payslips today and finally it confirmed the share payout amount that we are due to receive at the end of this month. I was wondering about the value of our share payout cos with the scary economic times I thought that maybe it wouldn't be as great as every other time. I want to put that money towards my wedding. Another great weekend lifter is that I will be getting my new salary as well. A great fat paycheck at the end of this month. Hmmm wouldn't I like to take that amount home every month. Dreams Girlfriend Dreams.

I was pretty pissed off with my cousin again today. After the whole debacle 2 weeks ago we just ignored her and although what she did and said was pretty hurtful we are so used to people turning nasty when you don't expect it so we just did what we always do. Pick yourself up and continue walking. So she sms'd my mum this morning with a very sorry Suzie attitude. She than has the nerve to say that she is not sure what me and my brother M told my mum cos my mum didn't even phone her after she sent an sms to apologise. She is still my mum's daughter and loves her blah blah blah.

What a load of Blegh. I was seething when my mum told me. Conveniently now she decides to put the blame on M and I. I really had a good mind to call her and tell her exactly what I thought of her. I have one thing to say to her. What gives her the right to treat people like shit and than expect them to just forget about it. She said some really mean and nasty things to me and now she blames me for telling my mum crap about her.

I was so irritated. She did the exact same thing just before my engagment party. She made it all about herself and was pretty rude and nasty. She needs to apologise to me for all the crap that she told me and even than I wont allow her to have a say about anything. I can't understand the nerve of some people. She thinks she can tell anyone whatever she feels like and than when she feels like being nice again than everyone must just forget about it. I'm sorry my friend - it doesn't work like that. She does that to everyone in our family. She fights with my uncles and aunts and can be rude and nasty to anyone at the drop of a hat. So what makes her so special to treat people the way she wants to treat them.

I was so livid and I told my mum that you can sit and play her silly games but I for one am not interested. She crossed a line and I don't think I want to allow her back into my life to hurt me and be nasty all over again. My mum entertains all their shit and that is why half the time they all take advantage of her. I am so sick of it.

On a lighter note - I am so glad its the weekend. My mum and I are going shopping for clothes for my cousin S wedding. I hope we find stuff cos all the nice stuff is more for summer. That is why I chose to have my wedding in summer.

Besides I love Summer....

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angel said...

oooh cousins can sometimes make me wanna grind my teeth!
strongs girl...