Friday, May 30, 2008

Tough Week

I have been pretty quiet this past week. I didn't have much inspiration to blog. To be honest I was pretty out of it. T and I had a blazing row on Friday night. We both ended up saying some pretty mean and nasty things. I was upset with him, refused to talk to him and even threatened to call the wedding off. Maybe it was childish of me I don't know.

All is sorted in the world and I just hope that we can manage to keep our emotions in check and not freak out at every turn. I think the stress is also a contributing factor. I know that the stress levels are just going to increase as the wedding draws nearer but I don't want that to happen. I don't want to stress over every little detail. I want to enjoy it and look back one day and think that I had fun planning my wedding.

We have made up since and I guess it made us both realise that there are times when we need a little time out. Shame the poor guy really tried to get me to forgive him. I was a little hard on him at first but all seems to be sorted. At least making up was fun ;)

This has been a really tough week. We being restructured, I had to apply for new positions and to be honest I am a little freaked out by what happens next. What if I don't get the position that I apply for, what if I get placed in some backwater. What if, What if, What if? Its all a little overwhelming right now.

I wasn't in a good space at all and things seem to be coming back to normal but I still feel like a ball of nerves. I just hope that all goes well and I get placed doing something that I will enjoy. The last 3 months in this new position haven't been very easy and I actually hated it. Although I have gotten the hang of it - I didnt even apply for it with the restructure. It's an area that needs the patience of a saint and really doesn't interest me at all.

I am totally exhausted and cant wait to go home.


sweets said...

well at least you got your cell back right?!
oh man, chill babe, tell yourself that over and over and over again :)

angel said...

oooh... BIG cyber-feel-better-hugs girl!