Wednesday, May 07, 2008


I have a serious case of losers. I lost my brand new cellphone yesterday. I don't know what happened to it and coming back to work today is just making me more miserable. I had it with me in my office and than I left to go upstairs to another department and when I came back I couldn't find my phone. I have looked everywhere and it is possible that it might have been stolen from my office while I was away.

But the funny thing is that it is still ringing. I have called it like a gazillion times and left messages and sent text messages and it just rings. I don't know where it is and what could have happened to it. I don't recall taking it with me and even if I did I would have put it in my jacket pocket. If it had fallen out I would have heard it as it isnt a teeny tiny phone. I don't know. I think what makes it worse is that it is still ringing. If it was switched off - I would have thought ok its gone. I am just another victime of crime, but it's still ringing and that is more frustrating. Cos it probably means that I am careless and have lost a cellphone that is not even a month old.

I have retraced my steps, went back to every person that I saw and chatted to yesterday and there is nothing. I have retraced my steps while calling the phone non-stop and nothing. It's not on a very loud ringing volume which makes it kind of worse.

I am going out of my mind. I feel like I must be this careless, irresponsible person who lost a brand new R4500.00 cellphone. If it were stolen, surely they would have switched it off by now - but the mere fact that it is still ringing is making me think that I must have misplaced it somewhere, somehow. And to be honest it's making me feel like absolute crap!!!!


Simplyme&myself said...

what i usally do is go to the last few places i had it and keep ringing it untill i find it. This works better if you have a couple of people helping you. Good luck!

Princess said...

Blue, I do hope you find it soon! Hmm it can be very frustrating losing your cellphone in fact losing anything is a nightmare

sweets said...

its all very frustrating, i once lost my phone like that and somebody found it in my garden... ghmpf... i dropped it there by accident!

angel said...

oh man- having read your latest post i know you got it back- but this would have driven me barmy too!!!