Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Nice and not so nice

I am loving:
The fact that I love T more than ever and I can't wait to be his wife.

The gorgeous feeling of lying in his arms.

Learning new stuff about T, that just makes me smile.

That I won a huge amount of money towards my wedding and I cant contain my excitement at spending towards planning my wedding.

I am really not liking:
The fact that my new postion is more of a glorified administrator than that of a strategic manager it's supposed to be.

That I am doing admin work and I hate it.

That my desk looks like an avalanche of paper and the more I try to file it all away the more it accumulates

The fact that I am sooo tired or more like exhausted.

That it's almost Winter and I don't like Winter

My childhood friend that is so superficial

I have lots to be grateful for, these are just the minor irritants that get to me some days....

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angel said...

and getting the minor rants out of your head is exactly what blogging is for!!!