Tuesday, June 17, 2008

This n That

Today I officially hand over 3 months worth of work to the new person that has been appointed in my position. To be honest I cant wait. The past 3 months have been nothing but frutrating. I have learn't a great deal and it is this role that kind of catapulted me to where I am going. However I never felt part of the team. In the 3 monthst that I was in my role, I never once has a one-on-one with my manager, infact we had 1 team meeting where we discussed issues. I always felt like I was in the dark and the tasks that were passed on to me were all the skivvy and crappy work.

I haven't even officially started in my new role but already we have had 3 strat meetings that have made me feel that we have a purpose to work towards. I know that there is a great deal of hard work ahead but I am confident that it will be fine.

I had a cool weekend. I started Pilates on Saturday. Boy was I in agony the entire weekend. It works every muscle in your body especially the abs and thighs. It was fun and I will definitely be going again this Saturday. I spent a lot of time with T and even though we sometimes argue over silly things I really miss him when he is not around. It's his birthday on Thursday so I went shopping for a pressie. I always really battle as I never know what to get him. What does one get someone who has everything. I settled on this really great bracelet. It's silver with little links through it. I hope he likes it.

Sunday my mum and I trawled the China shops looking for chinese stuff for the bridal shower. I was also looking at things for wedding favors for my wedding. I must say that the one opposite Bruma Flea Market has some really nice stores with very minimal chinese junk. LoL. Yesterday I was just at home and ended up at the Oriental Plaza to look at some really nice Guess luggage. The owner of the shop was pretty insistent I take it and was dropping the price every minute. However the biggest bag that he had is really small and is just going to be very unservicable in the end. I still think that the Cellini range is the better option unless I can find a bigger bag that will match the one's he had. Getting married is one endless affair of shopping. New clothes, shoes, lingerie, luggage, wedding stuff - it is neverending. I must admit that it's fun though....

We went out for supper at this trendy new restaurant in Fordsburg yesterday. Its called Kashif's Fusion Food. The food was divine and the atmosphere is really different. I had the prawns which was divine. I was positively stuffed.

The Chef hard at work

The Menu

My Delicious Food

Hmmmm my mouth waters thinking about it...

I am off to make the great trek to my new office.....


sweets said...

all that shopping does sound like fun! glad you're stoked about the new job... job satisfaction really makes a diff... go girl!

angel said...

woohoo! i love how excited you are about your new job!
and all the shopping... retail heaven!