Tuesday, November 25, 2008

A miserable self

What makes some people think that they can treat others how they feel like it. What makes these people so special that they can trample and oppress others just because they feel they have a right to. What right do they feel they have to bully and condescend others?

They treat others as though they are pawns or mere ants in their world. Every single person in this world has a right and they are not God to lay down any law as and when they see fit and God help you if you don't abide by those laws. They hurt people, trample their feelings, undermine their self worth, for what, just because they feel like it. Just because they feel like joking around. If you get upset or angry and if you retaliate than you are wrong and they are the victim.

I am a Psychology Honours graduate and I can't understand this behaviour. I always try to decipher everything or just try and make sense of it all. However in this case just when I think that I have figured it out, something else happens and I wonder if this is just the result of a messed up psyche or pure evil. Yes we know about the abusive childhood and the hurt and pains of growing up, we chuckle about the Stuttaford Van Lines baggage that is being hauled from long years back, but somehow we can't understand what has gone so horribly wrong. Is it frustration or are you just angry. Angry for what we keep asking. You seem miserable and in turn you make everyone around you miserable, you fight and hurl words that hurt to the people who care for and love you the most. Why we keep asking with hurt and pain in our eyes.

Where has the YOU that we know and love gone to. Is he lost forever or is he just hiding behind a front to get what he wants?

Questions that will never be answered, answers that will never come and no form of retribution what so ever.


Kitty Cat said...

Is this your father in law to be again?

shafinaaz said...

good round of questions in this post... i really enjoyed reading this! indeed, what gives ppl the right to make other's feel less, just so that thEy can feel like more???

theres an answer suggested in the questions, not so? projected self-disillusionment to be found sprinkled all around. the same goes for positive emotions like kindness...