Sunday, June 21, 2009


Sunday's Post......

There have been a number of happenings in the world of Blue and to be quite honest some not very nice happenings. I have been meaning to post day after day, but the pressures at work keep mounting everyday that I don't know where the day goes by. In some ways I enjoy it but there are some pressures that really place a spoke in the wheel and keep me from carrying on. I keep feeling very disappointed by my boss. More than ever I keep thinking that she just a wolf in sheep's clothing and nothing more. As long as she is delegating and you sucking up to her - that life is good. I don't suck up - but many off my colleagues do and to be quite honest it irritates me. I have realised that I need to move on - but where and to what is the million dollar question. It seems that directionless is what I am????

In other news, The Band's sister is pregnant. She very calmly told him about 2 weeks ago via sms and he nearly had a coronary. T's dad is a traditional Indian man who lives by values and morals that are very old school. The Band was totally beside himself. Not even a year ago she was dating a non muslim guy and the dad totally flipped his lid. So the sister Kitty (as in Kitty Cat), told her brother about it and than for the next 2 weeks kept totally mum about the whole situation. She asked her dad to take her to their family GP, which was very unusual because in her texts to her brother she was talking about having an abortion. Nobody really knows what happened at the doctor 2 weeks ago but last week Wednesday she had an appointment with a gynacologist. She was referred by the GP. She asked the Band to take her but he was busy at work so she was forced to go with her mother. She came home with a scan, prescription for pills and told her father that she is pregnant and plans on keeping the child. When the Band asked her who the father is - she very plainly told him that she doesn't plan on involving the father of the baby.

Strangely enough the Dad hasn't flipped out, he hasn't ranted and acted like a raving lunatic. The man has a heart of gold but he can be very irrational at the best of times and more often than not will jump the gun. So everyone here thinks it's pretty normal. There is nothing to it and even the Band is so excited that he is going to be an uncle. I supposedly don't know. Nobody told me a thing except for what the Band tells me. She is still so arrogant and doesn't bat an eyelid at passing snide comments and being ugly. I very politely told the Band that I feel like an outsider. I supposedly am part of their family and nobody is telling me a word.

Friday was the Band's birthday. I really wanted to spoil him, bought him a really snazzy wallet and booked reservations for us at Kashif's in Fordsburg and I planned a braai for Saturday night. Actually the Dad insisted that we must have a braai for the Band. My MIL - who is an absolute cow of note - didn't help me with a thing. She totally ignored the issue and complained about the fact that the Dad wanted to have a braai at all. I mentioned to her what I was planning to make last weekend and she just nonchalantly brushed me off. I am not a last minute type of person and I don't believe in doing things in half measures. The fact that it was the Band's birthday I really wanted to make it special. Come Saturday morning I went to MIL's house to ask her for sum stuff and she very candidly asked me what we were doing for tea? I couldn't believe my ears. What were we going to do for tea? Who cares? Who bovvers? I proceeded to tell her that I asked my mother to bake cos the last time we ordered for this home industry type shop in Fordsburg the things were not sooo great and besides it's cheaper and my mother loves baking and she offered. She didn't say anything just told me that she didnt have anything to do so she could go gallavanting about. Those were her exact words. I than went off to my mum to help her finish the last minute stuff and I planned on making this really divine ice cream cake.

I came home on Saturday afternoon and found the band in a foul mood. The band confronted his mother about not helping me with anything and she had the nerve to tell him that she offered and I told her not to do anything. AS IF? I was shocked. I planned the party down to the last detail and everything was more than perfect and I spent half the night in a complete daze feeling very very miserable. Kitty had to go to work to fix some problem and only came home at 6pm. If I were her parents I would really think about this. She always claims that she has to work late and on weekends and now she came back Knocked Up. Hmmm - I wonder if they really are bright enough to think about that one. But no she is the queen, nobody dare question her but she has every right to question everyone. I am so sick and tired.

I just feel so miserable about everything right now.....

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